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Dag Øystein Hjermann

Researcher Scientist, PhD
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+47 976 55 636
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Environmental informatics


Hjermann is section leader for NIVA's Section of Environmental Informatics. He has a PhD in ecology and has in particular high competence on statistical analysis and modelling of ecological and chemical data from the marine environment. His work has concentrated on fish stocks, possible effects from oil accidents, climate effects and marine contaminants, but he has also been involved in research on sea birds, fishery economics and reindeer ecology. Apart from leading the Section of Environmental Informatics, he works with the Environment Agency's monitoring of environmental contaminants (for OSPAR) and with EEA's indicators for marine contaminants. He is presently chairing one of OSPAR's working groups (MIME, Working Group on Monitoring and on Trends and Effects of Substances in the Marine Environment). Hjermann has published 47 papers in international journals (including Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Ecology and Marine Ecology Progress Series) as well as 3 book chapters.