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Adam Jon Andrews

Researcher Scientist, PhD
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+47 982 94 105
Marin biologi
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Adam is working as researcher in NIVA's section for marine biology. His main research topics are on the ecological consequences of offshore wind farms and on nature based solutions for degraded coastal areas. He has expertise in environmental DNA, population genetics and stable isotope analyses and has a background in anthropogenic impacts to marine population and ecosystem structure and function. In the period of 2019-2023, Adam did a MSCA PhD and post-doc on investigating eco-evolutionary responses of fish populations to overfishing and coastal degradation over centuries using ancient DNA, stable isotope and morphometric approaches. Prior to this, Adam worked for two years for Ireland's Seafood Development Agency where he amassed extensive field work experience using acoustic seabed mapping and aerial drones to study biomass and connectivity of shellfish and seaweed populations in relation to aquaculture and fisheries impacts. Adam has enjoyed working internationally, having completed a MSc at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø on climate change range expansions of boreal fishes into Arctic waters, and before this, leading the monitoring program for the sea turtle conservation project ARCHELON in Greece.