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Helene Frigstad

Senior Research Scientist, PhD
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+47 992 64 002
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Helene Frigstad is a biogeochemist, with a MSc in water resources and coastal management (2007) and a PhD (2012) in chemical oceanography from the University of Bergen Norway. She worked as a research scientist from 2012-2013 at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, with a research stay at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK.

Her primary research interest is understanding the cycles of carbon and nutrients in coastal and marine waters, and how these biogeochemical cycles will be affected by climate change. To achieve this she combines statistical analyses of time series from cruises and monitoring data, with experiments and modelling data.

From 2013 to 2017 she worked as a senior advisor in the climate department of the Norwegian Environment Agency, where she worked with climate change in a broad context. The combination of expertise from research and environmental policy is an advantage when understanding how science should be best applied to solve societal challenges.