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Algae Lab

The algae lab hosts the Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae (NORCCA) and allows handling algae cultures at the laboratory scale. The activities are organized to maintain, revamp, explore, and exploit the algae strains available.

The Algae Lab uses NORCCA as the core research resource. The collection hosts more than 2000 strains, and those are regularly maintained and researched. A high throughput growth screening system was developed, allowing efficient strain selection and cultivation optimization.

The algae lab core research activities and services include:

  • Strain isolation, identification (molecular biology and morphological), and deposition in NORCCA;
  • High-throughput growth screening;
  • Microalgae biochemical composition;
  • Microalgae bioactives;
  • Innovative microalgae-based products and solutions;
  • Circular economy;
  • Sustainable value-chains.

The Algae lab targets microalgae cultivation as a solution for nutrient-rich waste stream utilization and its conversion into biomass. The exploitation of biomass as a functional ingredient for food, feed, nutra- and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and biofuels is a priority. The current ongoing projects are mainly with the industry and private sector. The lab works actively to improve the sustainability of different industries and value chains and contribute to their Green transition.

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