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NIVA's expert team on microalgae compiles a broad scope of expertise – from ecology, biology, taxonomy to (bio)chemistry and applied biotechnology. Across disciplines, the section has developed a a cost-efficient pipeline for screening more than 2000 NORCCA strains at the laboratory level and further growth optimization and low-cost pilot cultivation at the R&D facility at Solbergstrand. 

The section targets research, development, and implementation of microalgae cultivation as a solution for nutrient-rich waste stream utilization and its conversion into biomass.  
The exploitation of microalgae biomass as an essential bioactive component for food, feed, nutra- and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and biofuels is a priority for the group. 

The Section works actively on sustainable business development, improving the sustainability of different industries and value chains, thus contributing to the Green transition. The current ongoing projects count on industrial partners and consider their technical needs and commercial interests. 

NIVA has a long tradition in microalgae research. The Microalgae Section uses NORCCA  as a core resource, investing in strain isolation, identification, growth optimization, and final application. Currently, NORCCA offers access to over 2000 highly diverse strains of algae, primarily collected in Nordic regions.