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ALGECO (Cost-effective algae technology to promote circular economy development of Norwegian wastewater treatment plants) provides a scientific blueprint for a new paradigm of bioeconomy for Norwegian wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). We aim to transform municipal treated wastewater from waste into algae-based products by developing and implementing innovative, cost-effective and viable algae technologies.

About the project

With support from Veas and Bioskiva AS, ALGECO builds on a real technological breakthrough. By utilizing algae technology, ALGECO aims to achieve a positive balance in terms of Reducing wasteReusing waste and Regenerating value (“the 3 Rs”) as a promising zero-waste-emission concept for wastewater treatment.
This project is in line with the national bioeconomy strategy and its goals to increase “waste as a resource - waste policy and circular economy” and assess the potential of “markets for renewable bio-based products”. ALGECO incorporates a viable, cross-sectoral and integrated pilot-scale demonstration process. The project is implemented through interdisciplinary collaborations between seven academic research institutes and two business partners. With the strength of responsible research and innovation, ALGECO will not only deliver a new win-win strategy for WWTPs, but also improve acceptance of waste as a resource through awareness raising and capacity building.