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LOCALITY will develop new solutions to use nutrient-rich industrial wastewaters and Baltic and North Seas water to cultivate algae using infrastructures available locally and transform them into innovative products (aquafeed supplements, biostimulants/fertilizers, protein alternatives, nutraceuticals, textile additives).

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About the project

The LOCALITY Project (101112884) was funded under the call HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-06 (Lighthouse in the Baltic and the North Sea basins – bringing sustainable algae-based products and solutions to the market). LOCALITY is a four-year Innovation Action project with a budget of 9.8 million € and brings together 27 partners from 14 different countries The main objective of LOCALITY is to develop circular and sustainable value chains, linking critical industrial players to stimulate co-creation and bring new and innovative algae-based products to regional and global markets while protecting and restoring Europe’s aquatic ecosystems.

LOCALITY sets the basis for the market to uptake innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable food, aquafeed ingredients, agriculture, and textile products formulated using algal biomasses and ingredients from side streams and the Baltic and North Seas, demonstrate their social and economic benefits, define commercialization strategies and ensure consumer and market acceptance. The Consortium will disseminate the project results, developed technologies, and products to relevant stakeholders, thus fostering the replication of such circular ecosystems.

LOCALITY is based on novel approaches and innovative products involving local stakeholders and international markets. The Consortium is completely market-oriented, with industrial partners addressing all value chains. Value chain reinforcement, consumer perception and acceptance, regulatory and technological barriers surpassing, business models, and market strategy development are key LOCALITY components. The designed products will gain a strong position in the European marketplace in the coming years.

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