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Tomorrow with LOCALITY

  1. Circular economy:  Introduce circularity to industries operating using a linear approach, and prove the concept by producing 10 kg of microalgae biomass using different waste streams.
  2. Carbon-neutral: LOCALITY will use algae as a bioremediation solution. The development of this circularity concept aims to achieve 80 % nutrient depletion.
  3. Reduction of the pollution across hydrosphere: Removal of 500 kg of seaweed biomass or cyanobacterial wild harvesting and respective nutrients consumed from the Baltic and North Sea.
  4. Promote sustainable agriculture: Promote the development of two algae-based agri-products (pest control and biostimulant) and validate their utilization in vivo in the field.
  5. Sustainable management of water: The re-use of wastewater will reduce the need for clean water. During the project, 200 kg microalgae will be produced corresponding to ~200 000 L water savings.
  6. Algae-based solutions and products: LOCALITY will bring 4 new algae-based product lines that will benefit consumers and the agri-, food, aquafeed, and textile industries. The three pillars of sustainability (environment, economy, and society) will be analyzed and integrated.
  7.  Societal concerns and acceptance: LOCALITY will increase society’s awareness of algae and promote a circular industrial economy. It will increase acceptance of algae-products at dissemination actions and consumer and market studies.
  8.  Regulation: LOCALITY will contribute to designing guidelines for sustainable microalgae production and seaweed harvesting; standardizing algae product specifications; recommendations for harmonized licensing and labelling; identification of regulatory gaps.
Figure Tomorrow with LOCALITY