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Biological analysis of marine flora and fauna

Our expertise includes sample preparation and species identification of animal and plant communities associated with the seabed and shoreline.

The laboratory analyzes flora and fauna in various coastal ecosystems and includes species identification and biomass measurements of sessile algae (macroalgae) and benthic fauna (macroinvertebrates). Coastal ecosystems include soft bottom, kelp forest and eelgrass. Macroalgae and soft-bottom fauna are included as biological quality elements in the Water Regulations and are used in the classification of environmental status in water in accordance with. Guide 02:2018. The laboratory's analyses are included in national environmental monitoring projects and in mapping species diversity along the coast.

Species identification is carried out by qualified personnel in marine botany and zoology, who participate in national/international ring tests where available. The laboratory is accredited for the preparation of soft-bottom fauna (subject area P21 Taxonomy) in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, which specifies requirements for competence and operation.