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Modifisert vannprøvetaker

Instrument lab and equipment center

NIVA has a competent specialist environment working with sensors, instruments and equipment. The group consists of engineers and mechanics and is located at our head office in Oslo.

The engineers are responsible for an extensive instrument park that covers the majority of researchers' needs in their work, whether it is research or other assignments.

We also have a significant number of external customers, who can be offered different packages of instrument solutions tailored to their needs. For example, in collaboration with other sections in NIVA, we can offer complete monitoring solutions for harbor clean-up operations, including verification of the work.

Our mechanics can make equipment and components in a variety of materials, tailoring equipment from scratch - or modify off-the-shelf items from the market to suit the researchers' needs in various projects.

The group also arranges rental of individual instruments, various equipment for field work, cars and boats.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about what we do:

Instrument Centre

Equipment central