S-ITUATION: A synthesis of implementation of nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries

The S-ITUATION project will synthesize and present existing research on nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries. NIVA is leading the project with partners from five Nordic countries.

S-ITUATION will synthesize knowledge on Nature-based Solutions in different ecosystems in the Nordic countries (Photo: NIVA).

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are highlighted as a cost-effective way of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. NbS can contribute to climate change mitigation and/or adaptation, strengthen biodiversity and deliver ecosystem services to humans.

While there are many international reports on NbS, there is a need for an overview of NbS covering the breadth of Nordic ecosystems. This is what the new S-ITUATION project will contribute to. 

Synthesis and knowledge-sharing 

The purpose of S-ITUATION is to synthesize and present existing research on NbS relevant to the Nordic context building on the IUCN Global Standard, including relevant projects and experiences, policies, knowledge gaps and cost-benefit analyses.

The synthesis will facilitate knowledge-sharing and provide a basis for the development of future research projects in the Nordic Council thematic programme on NbS. The project will cover all major ecosystems, biogeographical regions and solutions/actions. 

The synthesis is the first of five projects in the Nordic thematic programme on nature-based solutions. It is financed with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project period is 2021-2022. 

Partner group 

The S-ITUATION project group consists of partners from five Nordic countries. These are: 


Project manager Leonard Sandin: leonard.sandin@nina.no 


Last updated 23.06.2021