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The Norwegian River Monitoring Programme 2022 – water quality status and trends. Elveovervåkningsprogrammet 2022 – vannkvalitetstilstand og ‐trender

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Øyvind Kaste, Cathrine Brecke Gundersen, James Edward Sample, Maeve Mcgovern, Liv Bente Skancke, Ian Allan, Marthe Torunn Solhaug Jenssen, Kine Bæk, Odd Arne Segtnan Skogan


In the Norwegian River Monitoring Programme (in Norwegian: Elveovervåkingsprogrammet) 20 rivers along the Norwegian coast are monitored for physical and chemical parameters. This report presents the current status (2022) and long‐term (1990‐ 2022) trends in suspended particles, organic matter, nutrients, and metals. EU Water Framework Directive priority substances and river basin‐specific pollutants (trace metals and organic pollutants) from five rivers in south‐ and southwestern Norway are compared with annual average environmental quality standards (AA‐EQS). The report also presents light absorbance indices for characterisation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) quality in the rivers, and high‐frequency measurements of water temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity and fluorescent DOM (FDOM) at four river stations.