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Research sections

Environmental chemistry

 The section works with the unregulated chemicals. We are developing new sampling methods and analysis methods that make it possible to investigate whether they are present in the environment and, if so, where. 

The section has solid and broad expertise in analytical chemistry. Our niche is investigating substances that are not well known and about which there is little data. We deliver tailor-made solutions to customers with special needs. We investigate the risks associated with so-called PMTs – persistent, mobile, and toxic chemicals. 

Of the approximately 204 million chemicals currently on the market, very few are regulated, as we lack knowledge about them. We supply our research colleagues in NIVA and customers in the public and private sector with analytical data and knowledge about the physiochemical properties of substances. The knowledge is used to prioritize substances and inform about possible risks for the environment. 

Our knowledge helps the Norwegian Environment Agency to choose which substances to report to the EU's REACH system (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). 

Manual assessment of each of the 204 million chemicals in the chemical universe is impossible. Therefore, the regulatory bodies are implementing new strategies to speed up the process. To contribute to this, the section also has expertise in artificial intelligence − AI. We combine machine learning and chemometric methods with our knowledge of chemistry to more quickly determine how chemicals affect the environment.