Anders Ruus
Position: Senior Research Scientist, Adj. Prof.
Phone: +47 982 27 786
Section: Miljøgifter
Anders Ruus is employed as a Senior Research Scientist at NIVA (employed since 2001) and holds a PhD (2001) in marine biology/ecotoxicology from the University of Oslo. He works in the fields of marine biology and ecotoxicology (EUROTOX registered toxicologist). His main field of research is the study of the disposition and effects of contaminants within marine food webs. His experience includes work with invertebrates, fish, sea birds and marine mammals. Ruus has extensive experience with environmental monitoring. He also has extensive experience with bioaccumulation/distribution studies involving experimental exposure systems for invertebrates and fish. Furthermore, Ruus has field experience from different regions (and vessels), including the Adriatic Sea (Croatia) and the Barents Sea (Norwegian Arctic) for collection of samples for research purposes.