Ansatt bilde
Carsten Ulrich Schwermer
Position: Research Scientist
Phone: +47 957 28 537
Carsten is employed at NIVA as researcher since November 2013. He is educated in biotechnology and holds a Master degree in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. From his research at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, he has much experience in applied microbial ecology. Carsten has worked 5 years as environmental consultant in the petroleum group at Aquateam COWI AS. At NIVA Carsten works as project leader mainly with R&D of new teknology for the treatment of drinking and wastewater. He is particularly focused on disinfection and aspects related to microbiology. Carsten has partikular competence and interest in applied microbiology (i.e., biofouling, microbial influenced corrosion, antibiotic resistence) and monitoring (water quality, particle characterization, disinfection, microbial influenced corrosion). Current project activities include monitoring of antibiotic resistance in technical settings, and on measures against antibiotic resistance dissemination at wastewater treatment plants. In addition he advises industrial companies with regard to improving wastewater treatment processes and conducts Legionella riskevaluations.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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