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Research sections

Urban environments and infrastructure

The section conducts research on topics that contribute to sustainable development of cities and towns, and infrastructure. We study the problems, processes and solutions for handling drinking water, wastewater, and storm water in urban areas, in a changing climate. 

The section carries out national and international research and consultancy which contributes to an increased understanding of biogeochemical processes and the transport of old and new pollutants into and out of urban areas. We conduct research to increase our understanding of the urban hydrological cycle and the environmental and societal consequences of densification and urbanization on the water environment in a changing climate. 

We research conventional and nature-based solutions for the handling and purification of drinking water, wastewater, storm water from dense surfaces, and industrial emissions. We develop advanced cleaning technologies such as various membrane technologies, UV and ozonation. These technologies are important to prevent antibiotic resistance because of medicines and environmental toxins being spread in the environment. 

Our researchers are also working to raise awareness that urban storm water and treated graywater can be reused, for irrigation or as a blue-green element in the urban landscape. We study how inherent resources in black water and wet organic waste can be harvested and utilized in a socio-economic and sustainable way. 

The section works interdisciplinary and consists of researchers with a background in environmental and cleaning technology, hydrology and hydraulics, modelling, chemistry, biology, ecotoxicology, and social science. We work applied, and we carry out projects in the laboratory and in the field. We often carry out piloting of cleaning solutions outside at clients' premises.