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Carsten Ulrich Schwermer

Research Scientist
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+47 957 28 537
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Carsten is educated in biotechnology and holds a Master in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. From his research at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, he has much experience in applied microbial ecology. He has worked 5 years as environmental consultant at Aquateam COWI before joining NIVA. At NIVA Carsten works mainly with R&D of new advanced technologies for disinfection of different water qualities (drinking-, waste-, ballastwater, aquaculture), as well as environmental monitoring of industries (new sensors, new environmental pollutants, digitalization, runoff water treatment). As leader for projects financed by the EU and the Norwegian Research Council as well as the industry, he works with innovative interventive technical processes related to disinfection and removal of antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes in wastewater from hospitals and wastewater treatment plants in order to minimize spread of antibiotic resistance from hotspots to the environment.