Luka Supraha
Position: Researcher Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 941 70 806
Luka has been employed as a researcher at NIVA's section for microalgae since 2021. He has more than ten years of experience in various aspects of microalgal research: from physiology, ecology and biodiversity to evolutionary adaptation and biogeochemistry. Luka has an in-depth knowledge of microalgal taxonomy and strong expertise in microalgal cultivation, as well as characterizing microalgae on cellular-to-ecosystem level using state-of-the-art morphological, molecular, and physiological approaches. Within NIVA, Luka is involved in projects utilizing algae from the Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae (NORCCA) in solving different societal challenges.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

  1. Supraha, Luka; Henderiks, Jorijntje; (2020) A 15-million-year-long record of phenotypic evolution in the heavily calcified coccolithophore Helicosphaera and its biogeochemical implications. Biogeosciences ISSN 1726-4170. Vol 17 s2955-2969 doi: 10.5194/bg-17-2955-2020
  2. Kilias, Estelle S.; Junges, Leandro; Supraha, Luka; Leonard, Guy; Metfies, Katja; Richards, Thomas A.; (2020) Chytrid fungi distribution and co-occurrence with diatoms correlate with sea ice melt in the Arctic Ocean. Communications Biology ISSN 2399-3642. Vol 3 s1-13 doi: 10.1038/s42003-020-0891-7
  3. Supraha, Luka; Ljubesic, Zrinka; Henderiks, Jorijntje; (2018) Combination coccospheres from the Eastern Adriatic coast: New, verified and possible life-cycle associations. Marine Micropaleontology ISSN 0377-8398. Vol 141 s23-30 doi: 10.1016/j.marmicro.2018.04.001
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