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Susanne Claudia Schneider

senior scientist, adjunct professor
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+47 982 94 098
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Susanne Schneider is freshwater ecologist. Her main research interests center around the ecology of macrophytes and benthic algae, including their use for bioindication purposes and the Water Framework Directive. Susanne is interested in the effect of hydropower on rivers and lakes, mass development of macrophytes, and the effects of macrophyte removal on freshwater ecosystems. She developed several indices for ecological status assessment. In some of her most recent publications, she studied the effects of multiple stressors on benthic algae in streams, as well as how different elements of the benthic fauna and flora interact with each other. Susanne is especially interested in charophytes, their ecology, physiology, genetics and role as ecosystem engineers. Susanne is president of the International Research Group on Charophytes since 2016, and in the editorial board of "Aquatic Botany". She co-supervised 6 PhDs, and > 30 Bachelor or Master Theses.