Tânia Cristina Gomes
Position: Research Scientist
Phone: +47 982 15 423
Section: Økotoksikologi og risikovurdering
Tânia Gomes has a degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries and a PhD on Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Area of Environmental Science and Technology, Field of Ecotoxicology given by the University of Algarve in Portugal. Tânia has been employed as a post-doc at NIVA in the Ecotoxicology section since 2014, working primarily with the assessment of combined toxicity of multiple stressors with ionizing radiation and depleted uranium. Her fields of expertise include ecotoxicology and marine pollution, focusing on the bioavailability and effects of conventional and emerging pollutants at different levels of biological organization. Tânia’s research interests include the use of aquatic organisms as bioindicators of chemical pollution (bioaccumulation and effects at the molecular, cellular and biochemical level), the development of specific biomarkers for risk assessment of aquatic ecosystems using genomic and proteomic tools and the impacts of metal nanoparticles to aquatic ecosystems.