Gabrielle Hairabedian
Position: Coordinator, Project Support
Phone: +47 405 57 461
Gabrielle Hairabedian has worked at NIVA since March 2018, primarily working on projects in ballast water technology. In March 2020, she started working in a more administrative role as Coordinator in the section for Project Support while still supporting ballast projects. She has experience from both land-based and ship-based ballast water management system testing and is familiar with varying treatment technologies utilizing filtration, ultraviolet (UV), ozonation, and electrolysis. She has a background in water and sanitation from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), with the research work for her Master’s thesis having been accomplished in collaboration with another Master’s student in rural Nepal. Her thesis investigated water and sanitation infrastructure to identify local challenges and develop custom solutions to the issues discovered. She has experience working with youth as a mentor in the Dominican Republic and as a science teacher for two years in Liberia through the United States Peace Corps. Additionally, she volunteered for the Association for International Water Studies (FIVAS), where she led a workshop on the importance of wastewater reuse and wrote articles to spread information on environmental challenges related to water.