Ansatt bilde
Hege Gundersen
Position: Senior Research Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 957 81 270
Section: Marin biologi
Hege Gundersen (f. 1970) is educated at the University of Oslo (PhD in 2003) and has later been working at the Hedmark University College (2004-2009), University of Oslo (2008-2009) and NIVA (2009-). Her interests are within statistical analysis and spatial predictive distribution modelling of marine species and habitats, such as kelp, eelgrass and sea urchins. Dissemination of knowledge includes 39 scientific publications and 73 reports. Gundersen has long experience as a project leader on approximately 30 projects the latest 8 years. She is part of the advisory board for the Nature Index for Norway, steering group of «The Norwegian Blue Forests Network (NBFN)» and Steering Committee for Living Norway Ecological Data Network.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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