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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

  1. Moe, S. Jannicke; Couture, Raoul-Marie; Haande, Sigrid; Solheim, Anne Lyche; Jackson-Blake, Leah Amber; (2019) Predicting Lake Quality for the Next Generation: Impacts of Catchment Management and Climatic Factors in a Probabilistic Model Framework. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 11 No9 doi: 10.3390/w11091767
  2. de Wit, Heleen A; Couture, Raoul-Marie; Jackson-Blake, Leah; Futter, Martyn N.; Valinia, Salar; Austnes, Kari; Guerrero, Jose-Luis; Lin, Yan; (2018) Pipes or chimneys? For carbon cycling in small boreal lakes, precipitation matters most. Limnology and Oceanography Letters ISSN 2378-2242. Vol 3 No3 s275-284 doi: 10.1002/lol2.10077
  3. Jackson-Blake, Leah Amber; Sample, James Edward; Wade, Andrew J.; Helliwell, Rachel C.; Skeffington, Richard A.; (2017) Are our dynamic water quality models too complex? A comparison of a new parsimonious phosphorus model, SimplyP, and INCA-P. Water Resources Research ISSN 0043-1397. Vol 53 No7 s5382-5399 doi: 10.1002/2016WR020132
  4. Jackson-Blake, L. A.; Wade, A. J.; Futter, M. N.; Butterfield, D.; Couture, R.-M.; Cox, B. A.; Crossman, J; Ekholm, P; Halliday, S. J.; Jin, L; Lawrence, D. S. L.; Lepistö, A; Lin, Y.; Rankinen, K.; Whitehead, P. G.; (2016) The INtegrated CAtchment model of phosphorus dynamics (INCA-P): Description and demonstration of new model structure and equations. Environmental Modelling & Software ISSN 1364-8152. Vol 83 s356-386 doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.05.022
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