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Marc Anglès d'Auriac

Senior researcher, Ph.D.
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+47 413 05 744
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Environmental chemistry


Dr. Marc Anglès d’Auriac holds a PhD in molecular diagnostics from the University of Oslo and is a senior researcher at NIVA. He has more than 20 years’ experience within molecular biology. Marc has worked both for the private and public R&D sector showing a practical and solution orientated mind for addressing a variety of challenges in the interdisciplinary projects he is involved with.
The innovations he has developed have generated 3 patents pertaining to PCR diagnostic and automated DNA sample preparation. Since he started at NIVA in 2009 he has been instrumental in promoting and developing the use of molecular tools across the traditional freshwater and marine research groups. He works with barcoding projects and applies his skills and knowledge for tracking DNA to answer a range of different scientific questions. He was central to establishing eDNA methods including for tracing freshwater plants and fish as well as for measuring removal of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewaters and detecting the presence of kelp species in marine sediments in relation to carbon sequestration.
Marc’s unique set of skills and polyvalence, as well as developing solid and trusted work relations with colleagues and external partners, ensures the successful realization of the interdisciplinary projects he manages.