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Leah Amber Jackson-Blake

Researcher Scientist, PhD
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+47 982 27 794
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Catchment Biogeochemistry


Leah has a broad background in catchment science, with expertise ranging from the eutrophication of lowland water courses and lakes to nitrogen and carbon cycling in montane and Arctic systems. She uses a combination of monitoring, statistical modelling and process-based modelling to better understand the controls on freshwater quantity and quality, and to predict the impacts of land management and climate change on surface water quality and ecological impact. Prior to joining NIVA, Leah was at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, where she still holds a Research Associate position. During that time, she worked in a highly interdisciplinary team to support the development, implementation and assessment of policies aimed at protecting surface waters, e.g. the Water Framework Directive. Leah has lead and taken part in numerous Norwegian, Scottish, UK, North Sea Region (Interreg) and EU projects.