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National monitoring programs

NIVA leads a number of large, national monitoring programs and participates as a partner in several others. 

Environmental monitoring in Norway provides the authorities with knowledge to initiate measures to maintain or prevent deterioration of environmental values. The aim is to provide a sound knowledge base for measures and political decisions, and to provide the public with information about the state of the environment. 

Environmental monitoring provides a basis for implementing environmental measures nationally and internationally. It also shows whether implemented measures have an effect. The results are also important for prioritization within the environmental administration's work areas.

NIVA is responsible for the implementation of several of the Norwegian Environment Agency's national monitoring assignments and has partial responsibility for a number of others. We have extensive experience in planning and carrying out extensive field work, coordinating subcontractors, from international research institutes to local samplers, chemical and biological analyses, reporting and publishing results, as well as popularizing and disseminating them to various stakeholders.