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The River Monitoring Program

The purpose of the river monitoring program is to calculate inputs of nutrients and pollutants to Norwegian marine areas through monitoring of rivers and modeling of inputs from areas without monitoring.

Bilde av elv med skog omkring.

About the project

Time period: 1990- (with the exception of 1999-2003). Last contract period: 2021-2025

Reported discharges from industry, wastewater and aquaculture are also included in the calculations. The data collected will provide a basis for assessing measures to counteract climate effects, measures to achieve good environmental status, and to identify the need for national and/or international regulation of chemicals.

The program includes sampling of 20 rivers using new methods, e.g. passive sampling, and the use of methods for continuous sampling of suspended materials for organic pollutant analysis.

The results are reported annually to the Norwegian Environment Agency and OSPAR (Oslo-Paris Convention), which monitors inputs from Europe to the North Atlantic.