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Christian Vogelsang
Position: Researcher Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 982 94 051
Testing treatment technologies; domestic and industrial wastewaters, drinking water, aquaculture recirculation systems, ballast water, tunnel and landfill leachate. Biological, chemical and physical treatment. Disinfection processes. Micro-pollutants. Microbial, chemical and physical water characterisation and evaluation; i.e. general and health-related microbiology, particle size distribution and charge characterisation. Biofilm engineering; biofilm development and characterisation, gel entrapment of live microbes Climate adaptation assessment in the water supply and sewage sector Short CV Professional experience using, characterising and evaluating a range of different treatment methods in lab/pilot and full scale applications applied to e.g. domestic and industrial wastewaters, drinking water and in aquaculture recirculation. Focus areas have been organic and inorganic micro polutants, disinfection, biodegradation and climate adaptation.