Magdalena Kempa
Stilling: Forsker, ph.d.
Telefon: +47 982 94 147
Dr. Magdalena Kempa - research scientist for NIVA graduated the master degree in the environmental science and processing engineering in 2000 and in 2006, she received her PH.D at technical University of Lodz in the field of the numerical modeling of oil spill spreading in the Baltic Sea. After she has obtained the EU Marie Curie post-doctoral Internship at in IUEM in Brest (France) where she got experience in the bio-ecological modeling and focused on modeling of pelagic and benthic systems. She focused on the development and application of the numerical models to support the field experiments, the ocean observations and the impact of the physical environment on the ecosystem functioning. She is experience user of MIKE 21, GEOSYS, FEMSYS and GEMSS modeling software. During more than 10 years of her research works, she has been involved into several international projects such as PANGEA SI Web project, SMART project (Sustainable Management of the Available Water Recourse with remote technologies dedicated for Lower Jordan Valley and Middle East Area), project IWAS (Water management for International Water Research Alliance Saxony), VISLA project, SAFEPORT MARTEC ERA NET and WIND TU PLA project. In 2017 she upgraded her education inthe field of hydrology and hydrogeology and is familia with flood models, HEC RAS and HEC MS, and MODFLOW model for ground water systems.

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Vitenskapelige artikler og bokkapitler

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