Mahnaz Jafari
Stilling: Forskningsassistent
Telefon: +47 939 61 817
Seksjon: Miljøgifter
Mahnaz has a master's in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her master's project was focused on the method development and validation of the lab procedure of microplastic in environmental matrixes, particularly sediment. She developed a partial RAPS for sample preparation, identification, and detection of microplastic plastic (visual and FTIR) in her master's thesis, which was part of the EUROQCHARM project. She also has experience in pollutant (copper, zink, etc) detection in different environmental matrixes. She is an environmental chemist and also an industrial chemist. Besides laboratory analysis, she has sufficient experience in data processing and visualization and reporting. Currently, she is active in the method development and analysis of microplastic.