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Source apportioned input of nutrients to Norwegian Coastal areas in 2016 ‐ tables, charts and maps.

Eksterne nettsted
James Edward Sample
John Rune Selvik, James Edward Sample


NIVA has performed modelling of nutrient inputs to Norwegian coastal areas for 2016 on behalf of The Norwegian Environment Agency. Basic data origin from the national repositories for discharges from public sewerage (reported to the Norwegian Environment Agency and prepared for analysis by Statistics Norway), production data for fish farms (ALTINN, prepared by Directorate of Fisheries), industrial data (prepared by The Norwegian Environment Agency), modelled nutrient loss coefficients from agriculture (prepared by NIBIO, based on statistical and empirical data), nutrient runoff coefficients from unmanaged areas (prepared by NIVA based on historical monitoring data). The modelling approach follows the procedures as described in the NIVA‐report 5512 from 2007. The model results were organized to describe inputs for areas of the Norwegian coast as described in the regulation for pollution discharges in Norway (Forurensningsforskriften): Sensitive areas, nonsensitive areas and areas with special focus on nitrogen treatment at selected waste water treatment plants. The inputs of nutrients to marine areas draining Water Districts (Vannregioner) in Norway was made in accordance with national regulations for the implementation of EUs Water Directive in Norway (Vannforskriften). Modelling of inputs from mainland Norway to the marine waters, as defined in the “Integrated Management Plans” for Norwegian marine water, is also prepared for the reporting year 2016.