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Microplastic ingestion by fish: Body size, condition factor and gut fullness are not related to the amount of plastics consumed

Vitenskapelig artikkel
Marine Pollution Bulletin
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Adriana Neeltje de Vries, Daniel Govoni, Sigurdur Halldor Arnason, Pernilla Carlsson


This study investigates the frequency of microplastic (MP) ingestion and the relationship between microplastics in the guts of two commercial fish species in Iceland (cod; Gadus morhua and saithe; Pollachius virens) and the weight, length, gut fullness, and condition index (CI) of the fish. MPs were found in 20.5% of the cod (n = 39) and 17.4% of the saithe (n = 46). There was no significant correlation between gut fullness nor CI and findings of MPs, indicating that, especially in large individuals, MPs are not retained to a large extent, and if so, the CI is most likely not affected. A difference was found in fish length between fish containing plastic and fish without plastics. Further studies such as this must be conducted in all water ecosystems if we are to fully understand the impact that MP's are having at the individual, population, species, and ecosystem levels.