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The use of lumpfish embryos for environmental monitoring of offshore produced water discharges (SINTEF Report 2021:OC2021 A-098)

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Bjørn Henrik Hansen, Trond Nordtug, Ida Beathe Øverjordet, Lisbet Sørensen, Bjarne Kvæstad, Raymond Nepstad, Augustine Arukwe, Tania Gomes, Emlyn John Davies, Sonnich Meier, Steven Brooks, Julia Farkas


The main aim of the INSERT project was to assess the potential for using fish eggs as a tool for biomonitoring of exposure and impacts of produced water discharges on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). We successfully designed, built and tested a prototype container for housing fish eggs in the sea for exposure to water-borne contaminants. Methods to extract and analyse produced water compounds accumulated by embryos and a suite of ecotoxicological endpoints relevant for environmental monitoring of produced water discharges have also been developed, tested and described. In conclusion, complete system developed for lumpfish eggs represents an attractive component for implementations in monitoring programs, e.g., the offshore oil and gas water column monitoring program in Norway.