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A recipe for plastic: Expert insights on plastic additives in the marine environment

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Marine Pollution Bulletin
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Steven Brooks
Thomas Maes, Fiona Preston-Whyte, Stephanie Lavelle, Alessio Gomiero, Andy Booth, Maria Jesus Belzunce-Segarra, Juan Bellas, Steven Brooks, Adil Bakir, Lisa Devriese, Christopher K. Pham, Bavo P. De Witte


The production and consumption of plastic products had been steadily increasing over the years, leading to more plastic waste entering the environment. Plastic pollution is ubiquitous and comes in many types and forms. To enhance or modify their properties, chemical additives are added to plastic items during manufacturing. The presence and leakage of these additives, from managed and mismanaged plastic waste, into the environment are of growing concern. In this study, we gauged, via an online questionnaire, expert knowledge on the use, characteristics, monitoring and risks of plastic additives to the marine environment. We analysed the survey results against actual data to identify and prioritise risks and gaps. Participants also highlighted key factors for future consideration, including gaining a deeper understanding of the use and types of plastic additives, how they leach throughout the entire lifecycle, their toxicity, and the safety of alternative options. More extensive chemical regulation and an evaluation of the essentiality of their use should also be considered.