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Integrated Monitoring Program on Acidification of Chinese Terrestrial Systems (IMPACTS) - A Chinese -Norwegian Cooperation Project

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Dagang Tang, Espen Lydersen, Hans Martin Seip, Valter Angell, Odd Eilertsen, Thorjørn Larssen, XH Liu, Guohui Kong, Jan Mulder, Arne Semb, Steinar Solberg, K. Thørseth, Rolf David Vogt, Jinshong Xiao, Dawei Zhao, Wenche Aas


A 5-year Chinese-Norwegian research project was launched in the autumn of 1999. Forested sites for intensive studies are or will be established in the Chongqing municipality and in Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces in southern China. Previous studies have shown that harmful effects of acid deposition are likely to be most severe in this region. The research and monitoring sites shall give information about acidification mechanisms and effects on vegetation in order to improve policy oriented acidification models and critical load estimates as well as function as interdisciplinary training centers for acid rain research. Furthermore, the project shall improve the basis for developing an efficient regional acid rain monitoring system. At one site in Guizhou and one in Chongqing, research on soil and soilwater chemistry has been ongoing for several years. The forest at least at the latter of these sites appears to show symptoms of reduced vitality. The sensitivity of Chinese forests to acidification is uncertain and will be focused. Decision-makers should get an improved basis for optimal mitigation measures through the project.