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ECOMAR: A data-driven framework for ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning in Danish marine waters. Results and conclusions from a development and demonstration project

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Jesper Harbo Andersen, Jørgen Bendtsen, Kathrine Jul Hammer, E. Therese Harvey, Steen Wilhelm Knudsen, Ciaran Joseph Murray, Jacob Carstensen, Ib Krag Petersen, Signe Svegaard, Jakob Tougaard, Karen Edelvang, Josefine Egekvist, Jeppe Olsen, Morten Vinther, Zyad Al-Hamdani, Jørn Bo Jensen, Jørgen O Leth, Berit C Kaae, Anton Stahl Olafsson, William E. McClintock, Chad Burt, Dan Yocum


We report the developments and results of the ECOMAR project, which have taken place 2018-2020 and was funded by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. ECOMAR has established state-of-the-art data sets for the distribution of human activities and pressures as well as ecosystem components in Danish marine waters. ECOMAR has mapped the combined effects of multiple human pressures, ranked pressures and analysed the potential effects of changes in pressure intensities and new human activities. ECOMAR has also outlined how zoning could be initiated in Denmark. Further, ECOMAR has modelled scenarios for 2030 and 2050 and concludes that agreed strategies and plans will probably not lead to reductions in human activities and pressures and accordingly unlikely to lead to improvements in environmental status.