Ana Catarina Almeida
Stilling: Forsker, ph.d.
Telefon: +47 982 15 483
Seksjon: Økotoksikologi og risikovurdering
I am Ana Catarina Almeida. I have a PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway (2015), a master degree in Marine and Environmental Studies (2010) and a degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries (2004), by the University of Algarve, Portugal, both with specialization in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Pollution. I have been working in Ecotoxicology since I finished my degree in 2004. All through my training and work experience I have collaborated in several scientific projects, covering diverse areas within Ecotoxicology, Biomonitoring and Environmental Sciences. Working in different areas of knowledge helped me to get a broader vision of the scientific studies, having the right competences to integrate an interdisciplinary research team. Since 2012 I have been working at NIVA, first as a PhD student, then as a Postdoc and recently as a Researcher for the Ecotoxicology section. I got good competences in designing, directing and performing ecotoxicological tests according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. I have experience in performing tests with different organisms in the laboratory, from algae to fish. I also great experience with analysing different biomarkers in bivalves and fish.

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Vitenskapelige artikler og bokkapitler

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