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Deliverable 3.16 Synthesis and technical recommendations

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Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Andreas Ahlstrøm, Roberta Pirazzini, Francisco Navarro, Bin Cheng, Marcel Babin, Claudie Marec, Marie-Noelle Houssais, Christophe Herbaut, Frank Nilsen, Truls Johannessen, Nicholas Patrick Roden, Andreas Rogge, Ian Allen, Angelika Renner, Geir Ottersen, Thomas Soltwedel, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Andrew Luke King, Marie-Hélène Forget, Pierre Testor, Waldemar Walczowski, Delphine Mathias, Hanne Sagen, Peter Worcester, Matthew Dzieciuch, Bruce M. Howe, Mathilde Bøttger Sørensen, Peter Voss, Mathias Goeckede, Torsten Sachs, Walter Oechel, Donatella Zona, Florent Domine, Michael Tjernstrøm


This document provides a summary of sensors, platforms, and observing systems implemented during INTAROS field campaigns and presents technical recommendations based on experience gained from operating these components for collecting in situ observations during the project. This document is intended to: – Shortly summarize details of all individual sensors, platforms, and systems developed and deployed during INTAROS for collecting in situ measurements in the cryospheric, ocean, atmospheric and terrestrial domains, – Provide main recommendations for the technology used in INTAROS with the respect to become a component of a future sustained Arctic observing system, – Describe main limitations of technology used and recommendations to overcome these limitations to enable including this technology in a future observing system, – Overview other technical solutions which could better replace or complement technology used during INTAROS to provide similar set of observations for a future observing system, – Identify and describe cross-cutting technical recommendations based on recommendations for individual systems, – Summarize main challenges and achievements in implementing in situ observations in WP3, – Summarize main technical recommendations from WP3 for use in the INTAROS Roadmap for a future integrated Arctic observing system INTAROS has collaborated with many other field programs and projects which have contributed to the results in WP3. These programs and projects are listed in Annex A. A summary of platforms and sensors developed and implemented during INTAROS, including main challenges and final outcomes, is provided in Annex B.