Wenting Chen
Stilling: Forsker, ph.d.
Telefon: +47 993 29 758
Seksjon: Vann og samfunn
Wenting Chen holds an PhD degree in natural resource management and a master degree in environment and development economics. Dr. Chen was guest researcher in University of California, Berkeley. Her earlier experience focused on forest and wild life management including moose harvesting in Norway, forest reform in China and payment for ecosystem service (PES) design. She has since then worked extensively on subjects related to marine ecosystem service and sustainable ocean management with focus on valuation and modelling of marine ecosystem services, sustainable marine resource management, ocean acidification, marine habitats particularly blue forest restoration, stainable ocean development and governance, and blue growth. She also has good experience on green finance, ecosystem accounting, wildlife management and environmental policy analysis, institutional economics, payment for environmental services, governance of public goods and the commons. She has a leading role on socioeconomic impact analysis in several EU, international and national projects including AMAP program, Horizon 2020 MERCES, EU FP7 TROPOS, NFR JELLEYFARM, MIKON ECOURCHIN. She is also involved in other EU projects such as Horizon 2020 TAPAS, ResponSEAble, Advancing Green fianance in China. She is now management committee member for Norway of EU COST OceanGov Action on “Ocean Governance for Sustainability - challenges, options and the role of science” and is leading the earlier career researcher development for the Action. She is one of the expert reviewers for the first order draft of IPCC's Special Report on 1.5 Degrees Global Warming.

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Vitenskapelige artikler og bokkapitler

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