Rachel Hurley
Stilling: Forsker, ph.d.
Telefon: +47 401 08 129
Seksjon: Miljøkjemi og teknologi
Rachel is a postdoctoral researcher based at NIVA. She has expertise in freshwater microplastic dynamics with a focus on urban environments and hydrological processes. Her work has centred on the fluvial realm but also considers microplastic contamination of a range of terrestrial environments, including establishing historical records of microplastic release. Within her research, Rachel has developed a number of novel methodological advancements including the first application of a seawater-buoyancy extraction for freshwater microplastics. This helps to characterise the transfer of microplastics from the land to the sea. Rachel has also been involved in rigorous methods testing for a number of microplastic extraction and identification techniques. Rachel's post-doctoral research contributes to a wider Water-JPI funded project, IMPASSE, which assesses the release of microplastics through the application of sewage sludge to agricultural soils. This closes a crucial missing link related to the release of microplastics to the environment and establishes critical processes related to the transfer of microplastics to aquatic systems.

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