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Joanna Lynn Kemp

Forsker, ph.d.
+47 401 06 585
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I have been working on and in rivers, lochs and lakes for over 25 years, in England, Italy, Scotland and Norway.

I have an excellent knowledge of freshwater ecology and taxonomy, with the ability to collect and identify freshwater invertebrates, benthic algae and diatoms. After finding a new, non-native invertebrate species (Proasellus meridianus) in the Glomma, I produced a photographic identification guide to the species of Asellidae found in Norway.

My well-cited research focuses on the habitats of macroinvertebrates and the influence of river morphology and hydraulics on these habitats. I am project leader of two current river and wetland restoration projects, in a collaboration between NIVA and cbec eco-engineering UK. I have carried out various types of river habitat and morphology assessment in various countries.

Since 2017 I have carried out many months of field surveys, all over Norway, and lab identification of both benthic algae (begroingsalger) and bentic invertebrates (bunndyr). Much of this has been for the two big Miljødirektorat projects of Referanseelver and Elveovervåking.

I also undertake environmental monitoring, pollution investigations and reporting.

My wider experience includes ornithology, aquatic plant survey, water policy, science communication, collaboration with artists and teaching (both lecturing and giving training in benthic invertebrate identification).